Aegean Numbers Measures
Aegean Numbers Numbers
Aegean Numbers Punctuation
Alphabetic Presentation Forms Armenian ligatures
Alphabetic Presentation Forms Hebrew presentation forms
Alphabetic Presentation Forms Latin ligatures
Ancient Greek Musical Notation Ancient Greek instrumental notation
Ancient Greek Musical Notation Ancient Greek vocalic notation
Ancient Greek Musical Notation Further Greek musical notation symbols
Ancient Greek Numbers Ancient Greek acrophonic numerals
Ancient Greek Numbers Ancient Greek papyrological numbers
Ancient Symbols Roman coin symbols
Ancient Symbols Roman military symbol
Ancient Symbols Roman weights and measures
Arabic Additions for early Persian and Azerbaijani
Arabic Arabic-Indic digits
Arabic Archaic letters
Arabic Based on ISO 8859-6
Arabic Combining maddah and hamza
Arabic Currency sign
Arabic Eastern Arabic-Indic digits
Arabic Extended Arabic letter
Arabic Extended Arabic letter for Parkari
Arabic Extended Arabic letters
Arabic Extended Arabic letters for Parkari
Arabic Honorifics
Arabic Koranic annotation signs
Arabic Letterlike symbol
Arabic Other combining marks
Arabic Poetic marks
Arabic Point
Arabic Points from ISO 8859-6
Arabic Punctuation
Arabic Radix symbols
Arabic Signs for Sindhi
Arabic Subtending marks
Arabic Presentation Forms A Currency sign
Arabic Presentation Forms A Glyphs for contextual forms of letters for Central Asian languages
Arabic Presentation Forms A Glyphs for contextual forms of letters for Persian, Urdu, Sindhi, etc.
Arabic Presentation Forms A Ligatures (three elements)
Arabic Presentation Forms A Ligatures (two elements)
Arabic Presentation Forms A Noncharacters
Arabic Presentation Forms A Punctuation
Arabic Presentation Forms A Symbol
Arabic Presentation Forms A Word ligatures
Arabic Presentation Forms B Basic glyphs for Arabic language contextual forms
Arabic Presentation Forms B Glyph part
Arabic Presentation Forms B Glyphs for spacing forms of Arabic points
Arabic Presentation Forms B Special
Arabic Supplement Addition for Torwali
Arabic Supplement Additions for Burushaski
Arabic Supplement Additions for Khowar
Arabic Supplement Additions for early Persian
Arabic Supplement Extended Arabic letters
Armenian Lowercase letters
Armenian Modifier letters
Armenian Punctuation
Armenian Uppercase letters
Arrows Arrows with bent tips
Arrows Arrows with modifications
Arrows Double arrows
Arrows Harpoons
Arrows Keyboard symbols and circle arrows
Arrows Miscellaneous arrows
Arrows Miscellaneous arrows and keyboard symbols
Arrows Paired arrows and harpoons
Arrows Simple arrows
Arrows White arrows and keyboard symbols
Balinese Additional consonants
Balinese Consonants
Balinese Dependent vowel signs
Balinese Diacritical marks for musical symbols
Balinese Digits
Balinese Independent vowels
Balinese Musical symbols
Balinese Musical symbols for notes
Balinese Punctuation
Balinese Sign
Balinese Various signs
Basic Latin ASCII digits
Basic Latin ASCII punctuation and symbols
Basic Latin C0 controls
Basic Latin Control character
Basic Latin Lowercase Latin alphabet
Basic Latin Uppercase Latin alphabet
Bengali Additional consonant
Bengali Additional consonants
Bengali Additional vowels for Sanskrit
Bengali Bengali-specific additions
Bengali Consonants
Bengali Dependent vowel signs
Bengali Digits
Bengali Independent vowels
Bengali Reserved
Bengali Sign
Bengali Two-part dependent vowel signs
Bengali Various signs
Block Elementsduplicate Block elements
Block Elements Shade characters
Block Elements Terminal graphic characters
Bopomofo Based on GB 2312
Bopomofo Dialect (non-Mandarin) letters
Bopomofo Miscellaneous addition
Bopomofo Extended singleton Extended Bopomofo for Minnan and Hakka
Box Drawing singleton Form and chart components
Braille Patternsduplicate singleton Braille patterns
Buginese Consonants
Buginese Various signs
Buginese Vowels
Buhid Consonants
Buhid Dependent vowel signs
Buhid Independent vowels
Byzantine Musical Symbols Afona or Ypostaseis (Mutes or Hypostases)
Byzantine Musical Symbols Agogika (Conduits)
Byzantine Musical Symbols Alloioseis (Differentiators)
Byzantine Musical Symbols Argies (Retards)
Byzantine Musical Symbols Ekfonetika
Byzantine Musical Symbols Fonitika (Vocals)
Byzantine Musical Symbols Fthores (Destroyers)
Byzantine Musical Symbols Grammata (Letters)
Byzantine Musical Symbols Ichimata and Martyrika (Ichimas and Evidentials)
Byzantine Musical Symbols Leimmata or Siopes (Leimmas or Silencers)
Byzantine Musical Symbols Melodimata (Melodics)
Byzantine Musical Symbols Prosodies (Prosodics)
Byzantine Musical Symbols Rythmika (Rhythmics)
Byzantine Musical Symbols Specials
Byzantine Musical Symbols Synagmata or Gorgotites (Synagmas or Quickeners)
CJK Compatibility Japanese corporation
CJK Compatibility Japanese era names
CJK Compatibility Squared Katakana words
CJK Compatibility Squared Latin abbreviation
CJK Compatibility Squared Latin abbreviations
CJK Compatibility Telegraph symbols for days
CJK Compatibility Telegraph symbols for hours
CJK Compatibility Forms Glyphs for vertical variants
CJK Compatibility Forms Overscores and underscores
CJK Compatibility Forms Sidelining emphasis marks
CJK Compatibility Ideographs DPRK compatibility ideographs
CJK Compatibility Ideographs Duplicate characters from Big 5
CJK Compatibility Ideographs JIS X 0213 compatibility ideographs
CJK Compatibility Ideographs Pronunciation variants from KS�X�1001:1998
CJK Compatibility Ideographs The IBM 32 compatibility ideographs
CJK Compatibility Ideographs Supplement singleton Duplicate characters from CNS�11643-1992
CJK Radicals Supplementduplicate singleton CJK radicals supplement
CJK Strokesduplicate singleton CJK strokes
CJK Symbols And Punctuation Additional Suzhou numerals
CJK Symbols And Punctuation CJK angle brackets
CJK Symbols And Punctuation CJK brackets
CJK Symbols And Punctuation CJK corner brackets
CJK Symbols And Punctuation CJK symbols
CJK Symbols And Punctuationduplicate CJK symbols and punctuation
CJK Symbols And Punctuation Diacritics
CJK Symbols And Punctuation Other CJK punctuation
CJK Symbols And Punctuation Other CJK symbols
CJK Symbols And Punctuation Special CJK indicators
CJK Symbols And Punctuation Suzhou numerals
Carian singleton Letters
Cham Consonant signs
Cham Consonants
Cham Dependent vowel signs
Cham Digits
Cham Final letters
Cham Independent vowels
Cham Punctuation
Cherokee singleton Syllables
Combining Diacritical Marks Additions
Combining Diacritical Marks Additions for Greek
Combining Diacritical Marks Additions for IPA
Combining Diacritical Marks Additions for the Uralic Phonetic Alphabet
Combining Diacritical Marks Double diacritics
Combining Diacritical Marks Grapheme joiner
Combining Diacritical Marks IPA diacritics for disordered speech
Combining Diacritical Marks Medieval superscript letter diacritics
Combining Diacritical Marks Miscellaneous additions
Combining Diacritical Marks Ordinary diacritics
Combining Diacritical Marks Overstruck diacritics
Combining Diacritical Marks Vietnamese tone marks (deprecated)
Combining Diacritical Marks For Symbols Additional diacritical mark for symbols
Combining Diacritical Marks For Symbols Additional diacritical marks for symbols
Combining Diacritical Marks For Symbols Additional enclosing diacritics
Combining Diacritical Marks For Symbolsduplicate Combining diacritical marks for symbols
Combining Diacritical Marks For Symbols Enclosing diacritics
Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement Additional marks for UPA
Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement Contour tone marks
Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement Double diacritic
Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement Medieval superscript letter diacritics
Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement Medievalist additions
Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement Miscellaneous mark
Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement Miscellaneous marks
Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement Used for Ancient Greek
Combining Half Marksduplicate Combining half marks
Combining Half Marks Continuous macrons for Coptic
Control Pictures Graphic picture for control code
Control Pictures Graphic pictures for control codes
Control Pictures Keyboard symbol
Control Pictures Specific symbol for control code
Control Pictures Specific symbols for space
Coptic Bohairic Coptic letters
Coptic Numeric character
Coptic Old Coptic and dialect letters
Coptic Old Nubian letters
Coptic Old Nubian punctuation
Coptic Punctuation
Coptic Symbols
Counting Rod Numerals singleton Counting rod units
Cuneiform singleton Signs
Cuneiform Numbers And Punctuation Fractions
Cuneiform Numbers And Punctuation Numeric signs
Cuneiform Numbers And Punctuation Punctuation
Currency Symbolsduplicate singleton Currency symbols
Cypriot Syllabary singleton Syllables
Cyrillic Additions for Nivkh
Cyrillic Basic Russian alphabet
Cyrillic Cyrillic extensions
Cyrillic Extended Cyrillic
Cyrillic Historic letters
Cyrillic Historic miscellaneous
Cyrillic Extended A singleton Old Church Slavonic combining letters
Cyrillic Extended B Abbreviation mark
Cyrillic Extended B Combining marks for Old Cyrillic
Cyrillic Extended B Combining numeric signs
Cyrillic Extended B Letters for Old Abkhasian orthography
Cyrillic Extended B Letters for Old Cyrillic
Cyrillic Extended B Modifier letter
Cyrillic Extended B Punctuation mark
Cyrillic Supplement Aleut letter
Cyrillic Supplement Chuvash letters
Cyrillic Supplement Cyrillic extensions
Cyrillic Supplement Komi letters
Cyrillic Supplement Kurdish letters
Cyrillic Supplement Mordvin letters
Deseret Lowercase letters
Deseret Uppercase letters
Devanagari Additional consonants
Devanagari Additional vowel for Marathi
Devanagari Additional vowels for Sanskrit
Devanagari Consonants
Devanagari Dependent vowel signs
Devanagari Devanagari-specific additions
Devanagari Digits
Devanagari Generic punctuation for scripts of India
Devanagari Glottal stop
Devanagari Independent vowels
Devanagari Sindhi implosives
Devanagari Various signs
Dingbats Crosses
Dingbats Dingbat arrows
Dingbats Dingbat circled digits
Dingbats Miscellaneous
Dingbats Ornamental brackets
Dingbats Punctuation ornaments
Dingbats Stars, asterisks and snowflakes
Domino Tiles Fives
Domino Tiles Fours
Domino Tiles Horizontal tiles
Domino Tiles Ones
Domino Tiles Sixes
Domino Tiles Threes
Domino Tiles Twos
Domino Tiles Vertical tiles
Domino Tiles Zeroes
Enclosed Alphanumerics Additional circled number
Enclosed Alphanumerics Additional white on black circled number
Enclosed Alphanumerics Circled Latin letters
Enclosed Alphanumerics Circled numbers
Enclosed Alphanumerics Double circled numbers
Enclosed Alphanumerics Numbers period
Enclosed Alphanumerics Parenthesized Latin letters
Enclosed Alphanumerics Parenthesized numbers
Enclosed Alphanumerics White on black circled numbers
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Circled Hangul elements
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Circled Hangul syllable
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Circled Hangul syllables
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Circled Katakana
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Circled Korean words
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Circled ideographs
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Circled numbers
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Parenthesized Hangul elements
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Parenthesized Hangul syllables
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Parenthesized Korean words
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Parenthesized ideographs
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Squared Latin abbreviation
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Squared Latin abbreviations
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Symbol
Enclosed CJK Letters And Months Telegraph symbols for months
Ethiopic Combining mark
Ethiopic Digits
Ethiopic Numbers
Ethiopic Punctuation
Ethiopic Syllables
Ethiopic Extended Syllables for Blin
Ethiopic Extended Syllables for Me'en
Ethiopic Extended Syllables for Sebatbeit
Ethiopic Supplement Syllables for Sebatbeit
Ethiopic Supplement Tonal marks
General Punctuation Archaic punctuation
General Punctuation Dashes
General Punctuation Deprecated
General Punctuation Double punctuation for vertical text
General Punctuation Format character
General Punctuation Format characters
General Punctuationduplicate General punctuation
General Punctuation Invisible operators
General Punctuation Space
General Punctuation Spaces
Geometric Shapes Control code graphics
Geometric Shapesduplicate Geometric shapes
Georgian Additional letters
Georgian Additional letters for Mingrelian and Svan
Georgian Archaic letters
Georgian Capital letters (Khutsuri)
Georgian Mkhedruli
Georgian Modifier letter
Georgian Punctuation
Georgian Supplement singleton Small letters (Khutsuri)
Glagolitic Capital letters
Glagolitic Small letters
Gothic singleton Letters
Greek And Coptic Additional archaic letters for Bactrian
Greek And Coptic Additional letter
Greek And Coptic Archaic letters
Greek And Coptic Coptic letters derived from Demotic
Greek And Coptic Editorial symbols
Greek And Coptic Iota subscript
Greek And Coptic Letter
Greek And Coptic Letters
Greek And Coptic Lowercase of editorial symbols
Greek And Coptic Numeral signs
Greek And Coptic Punctuation
Greek And Coptic Spacing accent marks
Greek And Coptic Symbol
Greek And Coptic Variant letterform
Greek And Coptic Variant letterforms
Greek And Coptic Variant letterforms and symbols
Greek Extended singleton Precomposed polytonic Greek
Gujarati Additional vowels for Sanskrit
Gujarati Consonants
Gujarati Currency sign
Gujarati Dependent vowel signs
Gujarati Digits
Gujarati Independent vowels
Gujarati Reserved
Gujarati Various signs
Gurmukhi Additional consonants
Gurmukhi Consonants
Gurmukhi Dependent vowel signs
Gurmukhi Digits
Gurmukhi Gurmukhi-specific additions
Gurmukhi Independent vowels
Gurmukhi Reserved
Gurmukhi Various signs
Halfwidth And Fullwidth Forms Fullwidth ASCII variants
Halfwidth And Fullwidth Forms Fullwidth brackets
Halfwidth And Fullwidth Forms Fullwidth symbol variants
Halfwidth And Fullwidth Forms Halfwidth CJK punctuation
Halfwidth And Fullwidth Forms Halfwidth Hangul variants
Halfwidth And Fullwidth Forms Halfwidth Katakana variants
Halfwidth And Fullwidth Forms Halfwidth symbol variants
Hangul Compatibility Jamo Archaic letters
Hangul Compatibility Jamo Modern letters
Hangul Compatibility Jamo Special character
Hangul Jamo Final consonants
Hangul Jamo Initial consonants
Hangul Jamo Medial vowels
Hanunoo Consonants
Hanunoo Dependent vowel signs
Hanunoo Generic punctuation for Philippine scripts
Hanunoo Independent vowels
Hanunoo Virama
Hebrew Additional punctuation
Hebrew Based on ISO 8859-8
Hebrew Cantillation marks
Hebrew Points and punctuation
Hebrew Puncta extraordinaria
Hebrew Yiddish digraphs
Hiragana Based on JIS X 0208
Hiragana Iteration marks
Hiragana Small letters
Hiragana Vertical form digraph
Hiragana Voicing marks
IPA Extensions Additions for Sinology
IPA Extensions IPA characters for disordered speech
IPA Extensionsduplicate IPA extensions
Ideographic Description Charactersduplicate singleton Ideographic description characters
Kanbunduplicate singleton Kanbun
Kangxi Radicalsduplicate singleton Kangxi radicals
Kannada Additional consonants
Kannada Additional vowels for Sanskrit
Kannada Consonants
Kannada Dependent vowel signs
Kannada Dependent vowels
Kannada Digits
Kannada Independent vowels
Kannada Reserved
Kannada Sign
Kannada Various signs
Kannada Vedic signs
Katakana Based on JIS X 0208
Katakana Conjunction and length marks
Katakana Iteration marks
Katakana Katakana punctuation
Katakana Vertical form digraph
Katakana Phonetic Extensions singleton Phonetic extensions for Ainu
Kayah Li Consonants
Kayah Li Digits
Kayah Li Punctuation
Kayah Li Tone marks
Kayah Li Vowels
Kharoshthi Consonants
Kharoshthi Digits
Kharoshthi Length mark
Kharoshthi Numbers
Kharoshthi Punctuation
Kharoshthi Various signs
Kharoshthi Virama
Kharoshthi Vowels
Khmer Consonant shifters
Khmer Consonants
Khmer Currency symbol
Khmer Dependent vowel signs
Khmer Digits
Khmer Independent vowel (deprecated)
Khmer Independent vowels
Khmer Inherent vowels
Khmer Lunar date sign (deprecated)
Khmer Numeric symbols for divination lore
Khmer Two-part dependent vowel signs
Khmer Various signs
Khmer Symbols singleton Lunar date symbols
Lao Consonants
Lao Digits
Lao Digraphs
Lao Sign
Lao Signs
Lao Tone marks
Lao Vowels
Latin 1 Supplement C1 controls
Latin 1 Supplement Latin-1 punctuation and symbols
Latin 1 Supplement Letters
Latin 1 Supplement Mathematical operator
Latin Extended A singleton European Latin
Latin Extended Additional Addition for German typography
Latin Extended Additional Latin extensions for Vietnamese
Latin Extended Additional Latin general extensions
Latin Extended Additional Latin general use extensions
Latin Extended Additional Medievalist addition
Latin Extended Additional Medievalist additions
Latin Extended B Additions for Livonian
Latin Extended B Additions for Romanian
Latin Extended B Additions for Sinology
Latin Extended B Additions for Slovenian and Croatian
Latin Extended B African letters for clicks
Latin Extended B Croatian digraphs matching Serbian Cyrillic letters
Latin Extended B Miscellaneous additions
Latin Extended B Non-European and historic Latin
Latin Extended B Phonetic and historic letters
Latin Extended B Pinyin diacritic-vowel combinations
Latin Extended C Additions for UPA
Latin Extended C Additions for Uighur
Latin Extended C Claudian letters
Latin Extended C Miscellaneous additions
Latin Extended C Orthographic Latin additions
Latin Extended D Additions for UPA
Latin Extended D Ancient Roman epigraphic letters
Latin Extended D Egyptological additions
Latin Extended D Insular and Celticist letters
Latin Extended D Mayanist additions
Latin Extended D Medievalist additions
Latin Extended D Modifier letters
Latin Extended D Orthographic letters for glottals
Lepcha Additional letters
Lepcha Consonant signs
Lepcha Consonants
Lepcha Dependent vowels
Lepcha Digits
Lepcha Punctuation
Lepcha Subjoined consonants
Lepcha Various signs
Letterlike Symbols Additional letterlike symbols
Letterlike Symbols Biblical editorial symbol
Letterlike Symbols Double-struck italic math symbols
Letterlike Symbols Double-struck large operator
Letterlike Symbols Hebrew letterlike math symbols
Letterlike Symbolsduplicate Letterlike symbols
Letterlike Symbols Lowercase Claudian letter
Limbu Consonants
Limbu Dependent vowel signs
Limbu Digits
Limbu Final consonants
Limbu Subjoined consonants
Limbu Various signs
Linear B Ideograms Cereals and plants
Linear B Ideograms Extracts
Linear B Ideograms Metals
Linear B Ideograms Other materials
Linear B Ideograms People and animals
Linear B Ideograms Vessels
Linear B Syllabary Basic syllables
Linear B Syllabary Supplementary signs
Linear B Syllabary Symbols
Lycian singleton Letters
Lydian Letters
Lydian Punctuation
Mahjong Tiles Bamboo suit tiles
Mahjong Tiles Character suit tiles
Mahjong Tiles Circle suit tiles
Mahjong Tiles Dragon tiles
Mahjong Tiles Flower tiles
Mahjong Tiles Miscellaneous tiles
Mahjong Tiles Prevailing wind tiles
Mahjong Tiles Season tiles
Malayalam Addition for Sanskrit
Malayalam Additional vowels for Sanskrit
Malayalam Chillu letters
Malayalam Consonants
Malayalam Date mark
Malayalam Dependent vowel signs
Malayalam Dependent vowels
Malayalam Digits
Malayalam Fractions
Malayalam Independent vowels
Malayalam Malayalam numerics
Malayalam Reserved
Malayalam Two-part dependent vowel signs
Malayalam Various signs
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Additional bold Greek symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Additional bold italic Greek symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Additional italic Greek symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Additional sans-serif bold Greek symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Additional sans-serif bold italic Greek symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Bold Fraktur symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Bold Greek symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Bold digits
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Bold italic Greek symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Bold italic symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Bold script symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Bold symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Dotless symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Double-struck digits
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Double-struck symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Fraktur symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Italic Greek symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Italic symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Monospace digits
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Monospace symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Sans-serif bold Greek symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Sans-serif bold digits
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Sans-serif bold italic Greek symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Sans-serif bold italic symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Sans-serif bold symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Sans-serif digits
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Sans-serif italic symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Sans-serif symbols
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Script symbols
Mathematical Operators Integrals
Mathematical Operators Logical and set operators
Mathematical Operators Logical operators
Mathematical Operators Miscellaneous mathematical symbol
Mathematical Operators Miscellaneous mathematical symbols
Mathematical Operators N-ary operators
Mathematical Operators Operator
Mathematical Operators Operators
Mathematical Operators Relation
Mathematical Operators Relations
Mathematical Operators Set membership
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols A Database theory operators
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols A Division operator
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols A Mathematical brackets
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols A Miscellaneous symbol
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols A Miscellaneous symbols
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols A Modal logic operators
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols A Operators
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols A Tacks and turnstiles
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols A Vertical line operator
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols B Angles
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols B Bowtie symbols
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols B Brackets
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols B Circle symbols
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols B Empty sets
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols B Error bar symbols
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols B Fences
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols B Large operators
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols B Miscellaneous mathematical symbols
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols B Relations
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols B Specialized plus sign operators
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols B Square symbols
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols B Triangle symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Astrological signs
Miscellaneous Symbols Astrological symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Chess symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Circles
Miscellaneous Symbols Dice
Miscellaneous Symbols Dictionary and map symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Gender symbol
Miscellaneous Symbols Gender symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Genealogical symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Go markers
Miscellaneous Symbols Japanese chess symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Medical and healing symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Miscellaneous symbol
Miscellaneous Symbolsduplicate Miscellaneous symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Musical symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Playing card symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Pointing hand symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Recycling symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Religious and political symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Symbols for draughts and checkers
Miscellaneous Symbols Syriac cross symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Warning signs
Miscellaneous Symbols Weather and astrological symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Weather symbol
Miscellaneous Symbols Yijing monogram and digram symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Yijing trigram symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols Zodiacal symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols And Arrows Arrows with bent tips
Miscellaneous Symbols And Arrows Circle
Miscellaneous Symbols And Arrows Diamonds
Miscellaneous Symbols And Arrows Diamonds and lozenges
Miscellaneous Symbols And Arrows Ellipses
Miscellaneous Symbols And Arrows Hexagons
Miscellaneous Symbols And Arrows Mathematical arrows
Miscellaneous Symbols And Arrows Pentagons
Miscellaneous Symbols And Arrows Squares
Miscellaneous Symbols And Arrows Stars
Miscellaneous Symbols And Arrows White and black arrows
Miscellaneous Technical APL
Miscellaneous Technical Angle brackets
Miscellaneous Technical Bracket pieces
Miscellaneous Technical Ceilings and floors
Miscellaneous Technical Chemistry symbol
Miscellaneous Technical Crops
Miscellaneous Technical Dentistry notation symbols
Miscellaneous Technical Drafting symbols
Miscellaneous Technical Electrotechnical symbols
Miscellaneous Technical Electrotechnical symbols from IR 181
Miscellaneous Technical Frown and smile
Miscellaneous Technical GUI icons
Miscellaneous Technical Graphics for control codes
Miscellaneous Technical Horizontal brackets
Miscellaneous Technical Integral pieces
Miscellaneous Technical Keyboard and UI symbols
Miscellaneous Technical Keyboard symbol
Miscellaneous Technical Keyboard symbols
Miscellaneous Technical Keyboard symbols from ISO 9995-7
Miscellaneous Technical Metrical symbols
Miscellaneous Technicalduplicate Miscellaneous technical
Miscellaneous Technical Quine corners
Miscellaneous Technical Scan lines for terminal graphics
Miscellaneous Technical Special character extension
Miscellaneous Technical Special character extensions
Miscellaneous Technical Summation sign parts
Miscellaneous Technical Terminal graphic characters
Modifier Tone Letters Africanist tone letters
Modifier Tone Letters Chinantec tone marks
Modifier Tone Letters Corner tone marks for Chinese
Modifier Tone Letters Dotted tone letters
Modifier Tone Letters Left-stem tone letters
Mongolian Basic letters
Mongolian Digits
Mongolian Extensions for Sanskrit and Tibetan
Mongolian Format controls
Mongolian Manchu letters
Mongolian Punctuation
Mongolian Sibe letters
Mongolian Todo letters
Musical Symbols Accidentals
Musical Symbols Analytics
Musical Symbols Articulation
Musical Symbols Augmentation dot
Musical Symbols Bars
Musical Symbols Beams and slurs
Musical Symbols Clefs
Musical Symbols Codas
Musical Symbols Dynamics
Musical Symbols Figure repetitions
Musical Symbols Flags
Musical Symbols Gregorian notation
Musical Symbols Holds and pauses
Musical Symbols Instrumentation
Musical Symbols Mensural notation
Musical Symbols Mensural prolations
Musical Symbols Mensural rests
Musical Symbols Miscellaneous symbol
Musical Symbols Miscellaneous symbols
Musical Symbols Noteheads
Musical Symbols Notes
Musical Symbols Octaves
Musical Symbols Ornaments
Musical Symbols Pedals
Musical Symbols Rest
Musical Symbols Rests
Musical Symbols Staff brackets
Musical Symbols Staves
Musical Symbols Stems
Musical Symbols Tablature
Musical Symbols Time signatures
Musical Symbols Tremolos
Myanmar Consonant
Myanmar Consonants
Myanmar Dependent consonant signs
Myanmar Dependent vowel signs
Myanmar Digits
Myanmar Extension for Geba Karen
Myanmar Extensions for Eastern Pwo Karen
Myanmar Extensions for Kayah
Myanmar Extensions for Mon
Myanmar Extensions for Rumai Palaung
Myanmar Extensions for S'gaw Karen
Myanmar Extensions for Shan
Myanmar Extensions for Western Pwo Karen
Myanmar Independent vowels
Myanmar Pali and Sanskrit extensions
Myanmar Punctuation
Myanmar Shan digits
Myanmar Shan symbols
Myanmar Various signs
NKo Archaic letters
NKo Digits
NKo Letter extender
NKo Letters
NKo Punctuation
NKo Symbol
NKo Tone marks
New Tai Lue Consonants
New Tai Lue Digits
New Tai Lue Final consonants
New Tai Lue Tone marks
New Tai Lue Various signs
New Tai Lue Vowel signs
No Block Noncharacters
No Block Not character codes
Number Forms Archaic Roman numerals
Number Forms Fractions
Number Forms Lowercase Claudian letter
Number Forms Roman numerals
Ogham Forfeda (supplementary letters)
Ogham Punctuation
Ogham Traditional letters
Ol Chiki Digits
Ol Chiki Letters
Ol Chiki Modifier letters
Ol Chiki Punctuation
Old Italic Letters
Old Italic Numerals
Old Persian Consonants
Old Persian Independent vowels
Old Persian Numbers
Old Persian Punctuation
Old Persian Various signs
Optical Character Recognition singleton OCR
Oriya Additional consonants
Oriya Additional vowels for Sanskrit
Oriya Consonants
Oriya Dependent vowel signs
Oriya Dependent vowels
Oriya Digits
Oriya Independent vowels
Oriya Oriya-specific additions
Oriya Reserved
Oriya Two-part dependent vowel signs
Oriya Various signs
Osmanya Digits
Osmanya Letters
Phags Pa Alternate consonant forms for Chinese
Phags Pa Candrabindu
Phags Pa Consonant addition for Tibetan
Phags Pa Consonant additions for Sanskrit
Phags Pa Consonants
Phags Pa Head marks for Tibetan
Phags Pa Letter A
Phags Pa Punctuation for Tibetan
Phags Pa Subjoined Consonants
Phags Pa Subjoined consonant
Phags Pa Vowel
Phags Pa Vowels
Phaistos Disc Combining stroke
Phaistos Disc Signs
Phoenician Letters
Phoenician Numbers
Phoenician Punctuation
Phonetic Extensions Caucasian linguistics
Phonetic Extensions Cyrillic letter
Phonetic Extensions Greek letters
Phonetic Extensions Greek subscript modifier letters
Phonetic Extensions Greek superscript modifier letters
Phonetic Extensions Latin letter
Phonetic Extensions Latin letters
Phonetic Extensions Latin letters with middle tilde
Phonetic Extensions Latin subscript modifier letters
Phonetic Extensions Latin superscript modifier letters
Phonetic Extensions Other phonetic symbols
Phonetic Extensions Supplement Latin letters with palatal hook
Phonetic Extensions Supplement Latin letters with retroflex hook
Phonetic Extensions Supplement Modifier letters
Rejang Consonant signs
Rejang Consonants
Rejang Punctuation
Rejang Virama
Rejang Vowel signs
Runic Golden number runes
Runic Letters
Runic Punctuation
Saurashtra Consonants
Saurashtra Dependent vowel signs
Saurashtra Digits
Saurashtra Independent vowels
Saurashtra Punctuation
Saurashtra Various signs
Saurashtra Virama
Shavian Consonants
Shavian Vowels
Sinhala Additional dependent vowel signs
Sinhala Consonants
Sinhala Dependent vowel sign
Sinhala Dependent vowel signs
Sinhala Independent vowels
Sinhala Punctuation
Sinhala Sign
Sinhala Two-part dependent vowel signs
Sinhala Various signs
Small Form Variantsduplicate singleton Small form variants
Spacing Modifier Letters Additions based on 1989 IPA
Spacing Modifier Letters Extended Bopomofo tone marks
Spacing Modifier Letters IPA modifiers
Spacing Modifier Letters Latin superscript modifier letters
Spacing Modifier Letters Miscellaneous phonetic modifiers
Spacing Modifier Letters Other modifier letter
Spacing Modifier Letters Spacing clones of diacritics
Spacing Modifier Letters Tone letters
Spacing Modifier Letters UPA modifiers
Specials Interlinear annotation
Specials Noncharacters
Specials Replacement characters
Sundanese Additional consonants
Sundanese Consonants
Sundanese Consonants signs
Sundanese Digits
Sundanese Various signs
Sundanese Virama
Sundanese Vowel signs
Sundanese Vowels
Superscripts And Subscripts Subscripts
Superscripts And Subscripts Superscripts
Supplemental Arrows A Arrows
Supplemental Arrows A Long arrows
Supplemental Arrows B Arrow tails
Supplemental Arrows B Arrows combined with operators
Supplemental Arrows B Arrows combined with relations
Supplemental Arrows B Crossing arrows for knot theory
Supplemental Arrows B Double-barbed harpoons
Supplemental Arrows B Fish tails
Supplemental Arrows B Miscellaneous arrow
Supplemental Arrows B Miscellaneous arrows
Supplemental Arrows B Miscellaneous curved arrows
Supplemental Arrows B Modified harpoons
Supplemental Arrows B Paired harpoons
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Forks
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Intersections and unions
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Logical ands and ors
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Miscellaneous large operators
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Miscellaneous mathematical operator
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Miscellaneous mathematical operators
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Multiplication and division sign operators
Supplemental Mathematical Operators N-ary operators
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Operators
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Plus and minus sign operators
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Relational operators
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Relations
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Subset and superset relations
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Summations and integrals
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Tacks and turnstiles
Supplemental Mathematical Operators Vertical line operators
Supplemental Punctuation Ancient Greek textual symbols
Supplemental Punctuation Ancient Near-Eastern linguistic symbol
Supplemental Punctuation Brackets
Supplemental Punctuation Dictionary punctuation
Supplemental Punctuation General punctuation
Supplemental Punctuation Half brackets
Supplemental Punctuation Medievalist punctuation
Supplemental Punctuation New Testament editorial symbols
Supplementary Private Use Area A singleton Noncharacters
Supplementary Private Use Area B singleton Noncharacters
Syloti Nagri Consonants and consonant signs
Syloti Nagri Dependent vowel signs
Syloti Nagri Independent vowels and dvisvara
Syloti Nagri Poetry marks
Syloti Nagri Sign
Syriac Persian letters
Syriac Sogdian letters
Syriac Syriac format control character
Syriac Syriac letters
Syriac Syriac marks
Syriac Syriac points (vowels)
Syriac Syriac punctuation and signs
Tagalog Consonants
Tagalog Dependent vowel signs
Tagalog Independent vowels
Tagalog Virama
Tagbanwa Consonants
Tagbanwa Dependent vowel signs
Tagbanwa Independent vowels
Tags Tag components
Tags Tag identifiers
Tai Le Consonants
Tai Le Tone letters
Tai Le Vowels
Tai Xuan Jing Symbols Digrams
Tai Xuan Jing Symbols Monogram
Tai Xuan Jing Symbols Tetragrams
Tamil Consonants
Tamil Currency symbol
Tamil Dependent vowel signs
Tamil Digits
Tamil Independent vowels
Tamil Reserved
Tamil Tamil numerics
Tamil Tamil symbol
Tamil Tamil symbols
Tamil Two-part dependent vowel signs
Tamil Various signs
Telugu Addition for Sanskrit
Telugu Additional vowels for Sanskrit
Telugu Consonants
Telugu Dependent vowel signs
Telugu Dependent vowels
Telugu Digits
Telugu Historic phonetic variants
Telugu Independent vowels
Telugu Reserved
Telugu Telugu fractions and weights
Telugu Various signs
Thaana Basic consonants
Thaana Consonant for Addu dialect
Thaana Extensions for Arabic
Thaana Vowels
Thai Consonants
Thai Currency symbol
Thai Digits
Thai Sign
Thai Signs
Thai Tone marks
Thai Vowel
Thai Vowels
Tibetan Astrological signs
Tibetan Cantillation signs
Tibetan Consonants
Tibetan Dependent vowel signs
Tibetan Digits
Tibetan Digits minus half
Tibetan Extensions for Balti
Tibetan Fixed-form subjoined consonants
Tibetan Head marks
Tibetan Marks
Tibetan Marks and signs
Tibetan Paired punctuation
Tibetan Signs
Tibetan Subjoined consonants
Tibetan Syllable
Tibetan Symbols
Tibetan Transliteration head letters
Tibetan Vocalic modification
Tifinagh Letters
Tifinagh Modifier letter
Ugaritic Letters
Ugaritic Punctuation
Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Punctuation
Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Syllables
Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Symbol
Vai Digits
Vai Historic syllables
Vai Logograms
Vai Punctuation
Vai Syllable finals
Vai Syllables in -a
Vai Syllables in -e
Vai Syllables in -ee
Vai Syllables in -i
Vai Syllables in -o
Vai Syllables in -oo
Vai Syllables in -u
Variation Selectorsduplicate singleton Variation selectors
Variation Selectors Supplement singleton Variation selectors
Vertical Forms singleton Glyphs for vertical variants
Yi Radicalsduplicate singleton Yi radicals
Yi Syllables Syllable iteration mark
Yi Syllables Syllables
Yijing Hexagram Symbolsduplicate singleton Yijing hexagram symbols